Related projects

The MEASURED consortium is interested in establishing links with other collaborative projects and initiatives that are working on related topics, to organize joint activities, exchanging feedback and discuss possible future collaborations in other EU projects. Would you like to join our network for collaborative initiatives? Do not hesitate to CONTACT US!


INNOMEM logoINNOMEM aims at developing a sustainable OITB (Open Innovation Test Bed) to foster deployment and scale-up of innovative nano-enabled membranes and their derived products. Within the scope of INNOMEM, different types of membrane materials (polymeric, ceramic, metallic and nanocomposite), surface modification, membrane morphology and geometry and applications will be covered, providing for the first time a Single-Entry Point (SEP) to provide the businesses in the sector with a one-stop-shop of the best available experts and technologies. European companies, mainly SMEs, will access through the SEP to develop, test and adopt, new high performance, multifunctional, safe and environmentally friendly nano-enabled membranes in a cost-effective and sustainable way while opening-up opportunities for demonstration of innovative nanomembranes in real life industrial problems (TRL7) and thus accelerating the market opening for these new products


Macbeth logoThe MACBETH consortium provides a breakthrough technology of highly efficient catalytic membrane reactor (CMR) for advanced downstream processing by combining catalytic synthesis with the corresponding separation units in a single reactor. With this disruptive technology a reduction of greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) and an increase in resource and energy efficiency of large volume industrial processes can be achieved. The revolutionary new reactor design will guarantee substantially smaller and safer production plants and thus reduce operational and investment costs.