The technology center participates in more than 200 large national and international consortium projects of high strategic R&I and has 153 patents and 7 spin-offs. The added value provided by Eurecat accelerates innovation, reduces spending on scientific and technological infrastructures, reduces risks and provides specialized knowledge tailored to each company. It has eleven centres in Catalonia (Spain) and one in Chile (LATAM).

Role in the project: For MEASURED, Eurecat will be contributing to several Work Packages (WP), playing an active role especifically in WP3 (Membranes development and Scale-up) in which lifetime and end-of-life recyclability studies on the different membrane materials developed during the project will be evaluated. will be performed. In WP 5 (Technology demonstration), Eurecat will evaluate the developed membranes in terms of selectivity and permeabilities for water and target compounds and, in addition, membranes will also be characterised microscopically for any degradation of fouling tendency. Finally, in WP6 (Modelling), Eurecat will perform an integrated analysis of the new technologies based on sustainability pillars and circularity analysis of the MEASURED solutions based on LCA and Social-LCA approaches.