CNR-ITM is active in the field of membrane science, technology and engineering. The research activities aim to promote knowledge, innovation, and high-level training in the field of membranes preparation and characterization, and their application in water treatment, gas separation, bioartificial organs, biotechnology, food and agriculture. CNR-ISSMC is among the largest Institution in the world fully devoted to the development and processing of ceramics, as structural or components solutions for many different applications.

Role in the project: CNR-ITM will be involved in WP3 (Membrane development and scale-up) and will support the design and implementation of the MD demonstration unit (WP4 – Engineering and Construction and WP5 – Technology demonstration) and will organize a Workshop/Webinar on “Introduction to novel membrane technologies” within WP7. CNR-ISSMC will be involved in WP3 (Membrane development and scale-up).